Terms and Conditions for Orders - Seer Translation

  1. Personal Information: Seer Translation acknowledges the importance of protecting your privacy and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information you provide is treated with the utmost confidentiality. All information collected will only be used for the purpose of completing the translation project and printing the final document. Seer Translation will not disclose any personal information to third parties without your prior consent or unless required by law.
  2. Data Retention: All data provided by the client will be kept for a period of six months after the completion of the translation project. After six months, all data will be deleted. However, if the client requests to delete their personal data immediately after the translation project is completed, Seer Translation will comply with the request. In such cases, if the client requires a new copy of the translation document, they will have to pay the full price as Seer Translation will have to redo the translation project.
  3. Certified Translators: Seer Translation works with Canadian certified translators who have the right to interpret the text as they see fit. The translator may choose to or not to accept a client’s advice on translation. The final work of the translator will be considered as the final product, and no refund will be made if the client is not satisfied with the final work.
  4. Documents: The document(s) by the time of submitting an order should be the final version to be translated. Any change to the document(s) made afterward may lead to a longer turnaround time or a price change. It's the client's obligation to make sure that the document(s) to be translated meet the requirements of the authorities requesting the translation. Any notations added by the client on the document(s) provided will also show in the final translation. Seer Translation shall not be held liable for any mistake related to the document(s) provided by the client.
  5. Refund Policy: If a refund request is made due to errors on client's side, 20% of the total price paid is non-refundable as administrative charge. If, at the time you request a refund, the translator has already started to work on the project, the full amount cannot be refunded.
  6. Unpaid Items: If a client has submitted multiple documents but has only paid for part of them, only the paid items will be processed.
  7. Unauthorized Use of Information: Client cannot use the information, including name, stamp, signature, statement of a translator associated with Seer Translation, for for-profit or business purposes without written authorization from Seer Translation and the translator. Any violation will lead to legal consequence.
  8. Force Majeure: In the event of unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, such as strikes, illness of the translator, personal emergencies, etc., that result in the inability for a translator to accept the translation work, we will provide a full refund, considering the order as canceled.

By submitting an order with Seer Translation, the client agrees to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, and it is the responsibility of the client to review these Terms and Conditions before submitting an order.

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