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In everything we do, Seer Translation promises prompt translation, unbeatable prices, and guaranteed confidentiality. 

Seer Translation offers a wide variety of services, specializing in certified Chinese to English translations. We translate from Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hakka, and various Chinese dialects. 

Seer Translation is certified by AITO (Ontario), AITA (Alberta), STIBC (British Columbia), CTTIC (Canada), and ATA (United States).

在我们所做的每一件事中,Seer Translation 承诺为每一位客户提供及时的翻译,最实惠的价格和保密保证。

Seer Translation 提供广泛的服务,专门从事认证中译英翻译工作。我们翻译简体中文、繁体中文、粤语、上海话、客家话和各种中国方言。

Seer Translation 通过了 AITO(安大略省)、AITA(阿尔伯塔省)、STIBC(不列颠哥伦比亚省)、CTTIC(加拿大)和 ATA(美国)的认证。

Chinese Document and Legal Translation Services


At Seer Translation, we offer a wide variety of legal and document translation. This includes:

Seer Translation 提供范围广泛的法律和文件翻译服务。包括:

  • Driver’s License / 驾照
  • Driving Record / 行车记录
  • ID Card / 身份证
  • Birth Certificate / 出生证明
  • Marriage Certificate / 结婚证
  • Death Certificate / 死亡证明
  • Diploma or Degree / 文凭或学位
  • Police Certificate / 警方证明
  • Real Estate Ownership Certificate / 房产证

And more! Browse our full range of services!


Why Choose Seer Translation?


Seer Translation aims to provide efficient, affordable, and accurate translation for all your translation needs. Whether it be translation of important documents, transcribing and subtitling for video, literary or academic translations, or on-site interpreters – we are here to help.

Seer Translation 旨在为您的所有翻译需求提供高效、实惠和准确的翻译。无论是重要文件的翻译、视频的转录和字幕、文学或学术翻译,还是现场口译员——我们随时为您提供帮助。


Accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to translation. Our team of native Chinese speakers and certified translators have a deep understanding of the Chinese language and its nuance, ensuring that your documents are translated accurately. Our skilled translators capture the complexity of the language and show a level of mastery which machine translation cannot provide.


在翻译方面,准确性至关重要。我们的翻译团队均为母语为中文并经过专业认证的翻译人员, 他们对中文有着深刻的理解,并精通各种词汇间的细微差别 可确保您的文件得到准确翻译。我们的专业翻译人员能够准确地捕捉到语言的复杂性,并展示出机器翻译无法提供的精准水平。


We understand that time is of the essence, and we strive to deliver your translations as quickly as possible, while never sacrificing quality. Our team of dedicated translators work efficiently to meet your deadlines, delivering high-quality translations.


我们深知时间对客户的重要性, 我们会在保证质量的前提下尽快交付每一项翻译任务。 我们敬业的翻译团队高效地工作,以满足您的截止日期,提供高质量的翻译。


We offer competitive pricing for our translation services. Where other similar services start on average at $62 for the first page and $50 for the second, our prices begin at $45 for the first page and $35 for the second. With Seer translation, we are proud to offer lower prices without sacrificing quality.


我们为翻译服务提供具有竞争力的价格。其他类似服务的平均起价为首页 62 美元,第二页 50 美元,而我们的起价为首页 45 美元,第二页 35 美元。通过 Seer 翻译,我们承诺在不牺牲质量的情况下提供更低的价格

Other Translation Services


We also offer our services for Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish! You can find a complete list of services available in each language on our translation page.


Your questions answered – Q&A

What are the benefits of using a translation service over a free online translator?

When it comes to complex documents and sensitive information, a certified translator can also guarantee complete confidentiality, while an online translator may store your data. Our translators have expertise in specific legal and technical fields, allowing them to accurately translate terminology and complex concepts.

Why should I use a certified Chinese translator?

While online translation machines can be useful for basic translations or quick reference, they do not provide the same level of accuracy, cultural understanding, and specialized knowledge that a certified Chinese translator offers. Our translators are equipped with a level of cultural nuance, expertise, and sensitivity that machine translation cannot achieve.

How does Seer Translation go above and beyond other similar services in the GTA?

Seer Translation ensures unbeatable pricing and quick turnaround times, above and beyond what our competitors offer. We are also proud to specialize in Chinese to English translation, covering a wide range of dialects, which makes our services unique in the region.

How do you ensure the accuracy and quality of translations?

The certification process that our company and team of translators must undergo is thorough and rigorous. Being certified by AITO, AITA, STIBC, CTTIC, and ATA means we have passed all of their exams and requirements, ensuring the highest quality of translation services available.





Seer Translation 如何超越 GTA 中的其他类似服务?

Seer Translation 确保最低的定价和最快的交付时间,超越我们的竞争对手提供的服务。我们的服务在大多伦多地区独树一帜因为我们专注于中译英翻译,并涵盖范围广泛的方言。


我们公司和翻译团队都经过彻底和严格的专业认证,包括 AITO、AITA、STIBC、CTTIC 和 ATA,确保提供最高质量的翻译服务。

Client Testimonials


Rachel LiuRachel Liu
19:59 28 Jan 22
really really good! And much more quicker than I expected!
Joey LiJoey Li
03:36 25 Dec 21
Arthur was very easy to work with. He answered to my request in a timely manner. Would highly recommend!
Karen MaKaren Ma
20:10 03 Dec 21
Arthur was professional, reliable and very responsive. The prices were fair and I would definitely recommend their services to everyone.
Will LinWill Lin
23:00 15 Nov 21
Fast , great service , 5 stars recommended. And their working hours are super friendly.
sun massiesun massie
21:02 05 Nov 21
Great Experience. Super fast and professional. Thank you Arthur. Highly Recommend!

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